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WXXI Public Broadcasting in Rochester, New York has thoroughly supported the Finger Lakes Regional Adult Education Network (RAEN) for the past fifteen years. It has been our pleasure to do so and we are proud of the years of accomplishments related to professional development and technical assistance provided to the many regional adult education literacy programs.

A significant change in administrative priorities has impacted WXXI’s decision to conclude our contractual support of the Finger Lakes RAEN with the New York State Education Department. We wish all the regional adult education literacy programs good luck in their valuable and successful work with adult students going forward. Until further notice from NYSED we ask that you refer to our neighboring RAEN centers for your professional development needs. In addition, we encourage any program with questions or concerns to refer to the NYSED Upstate Team for assistance:

Marisa Boomhower, Upstate Team Lead
Email Address:

Gregory Sides, Upstate Team, Finger Lakes Regional Associate
Email Address:

Emily Ercolano, Upstate Team, Program Assistant
Email Address:

Both neighboring RAENs, the Central Southern Tier RAEN and the West RAEN are aware of this situation and will do their very best to accommodate the staff from any Finger Lakes Adult Education Literacy Program funded currently by NYSED. The websites and contact information follows:

Central Southern Tier RAEN
Director: James Matt
Email Address:
Office Coordinator: Melissa Jenkin
Office Phone #: 1-315-252-8674 Toll Free: 1-877-502-RAEN (7236)

Director: Ann Marie Przybyl
Email Address:
Administrative Assistant: Lynn Lyons
Office Phone #: (716) 651-0560