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BEST Plus 2.0 Certification Training - October 13, 2017

 Registration is closed for this event

BEST Plus 2.0 is a flexible, reliable oral proficiency assessment for adult English language learners. A face-to-face oral interview, BEST Plus 2.0 measures performance over the full range of proficiency levels represented in adult education programs in the areas of Listening Comprehension, Language Complexity, and Communication. The examinee’s ability to communicate in English is assessed through questions tied to authentic situations that arise in daily life in the United States.

In order to become a certified BEST Plus 2.0 administrator at this all-day training, participants will practice administering the computer-based version of the test, and familiarize themselves with the scoring rubric.

Upon completion of BEST Plus 2.0 test administrator training, the participants will be able to:

• Recognize the importance of assessing students’ language abilities

• Administer and score the BEST Plus 2.0 oral interview using the computer-adaptive version

• Run the BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administration Program

• Interpret BEST Plus 2.0 scores

This training is also appropriate for those who attended this training in the past year but have had little experience in administering the test and need a review in order to remain certified.

You are required to bring the BEST Plus 2.0 Test Administrator Guide. Besides the NEW TAG, also bring the BEST Plus Scoring Rubric, the Test Administrator Registration form and the Test Administrator Training Evaluation form. (The RAEN will provide a limited number of TAG’s to each program; check with the administrator of your program.)


Trainer: Mary Ellen Darling

October 13th, 2017 9:00 AM   through   4:00 PM
280 State Street
5th Floor Conference Room
Rochester, NY 14614
United States
Phone: 585-258-0361

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