Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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NYSED Will Develop New HSE Exam

The New York State Education Department is recommending the following actions to ensure that adult learners have multiple options for high school equivalency assessments in the most cost effective manner. This includes: Issuing a RFP for a state subsidized HSE exam that will allow the State to choose a state subsidized test vendor to provide a High School Equivalency (HSE) exam that leads to a New York State HSE Diploma; providing a state subsidy for the HSE exam selected through the competitive RFP process; issuing a RFQ for other SED recognized non-subsidized HSE assessments; continuing to work with other states to identify GED® test options and share curricula and instructional strategies linked to Learning Standards; and, aligning Common Core instruction for adult education through training and professional development as currently provided to K-12.

The proposed timeframe through January 2017 recognizes that systemic change for an adult education system with severely limited resources can only be achieved over a number of years.

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