Thursday, September 21, 2017
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NCTN Releases IET Guide

The National College Transition Network (NCTN) provides a guide that shares how eight IET programs from around the country have been integrating education and training. To access the Integrated Education and Training Guide: Implementing Programs in Diverse Contexts go to


The Latest Finger Lakes Statistics are Here

Compiled by the Literacy Assistance Center for the National Reporting System for 2015 - 2016, Finger Lakes statistics for AEPP-funded programs can be found here: Finger Lakes Region Adult Education Student Statistics 2015-2016

Monroe #1 BOCES Participates in REJob Training Program

 On May 13, 2017, Monroe One BOCES and the participants of the City of Rochester Department of Environmental Services Job training program celebrated the graduation of 29 city residents who participated in the REJob Training Program.The REJob Training Program is a federally funded program for underemployed and unemployed City Residents as a part of Mayor Lovely Warren's Stairway Out of Poverty Initiative.  This 8-week program provided remedial reading, math and science education at Monroe One's Irondequoit TOPS Plaza location.


Join the Finger Lakes RAEN Community!

In order to join our redesigned member groups, you will need to click on Become a RAEN Member under Get Involved on the right side of the home page. Once you have followed the directions and have been approved, you will become a Community member. Even if you have been a registered member in the past, you will need to register again to become a member of the FL RAEN Community.

Then, you will be able to just click Community on the menu bar and log in when you access our web site as a Community member.


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